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I’m Rafaela Ferro, frontend developer & designer. Currently living in Coimbra, Portugal and working at SingleStore.

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Jukebox preview

A music calendar curated by strangers.


Lisbon.ai preview

Artificial inteligence conferece I co-organized.

The Zain Talks

The Zain Talks preview

Design Meetup in Coimbra I co-organize.


Morocco preview

Morocco roadtrip photographic journal.

Device Lab

Deemaze Device preview

Deemaze's Open Device Lab platform design.

My album

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Some pictures taken around the world.


Making sure you land that summer internship.

May 2020

Demystifying Accessibility: Do only highly disabled people benefit from it?

February 2019

Death camp —
Journal of a trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau.

December 2018

CSS Grid — Responsive layouts and components.
A responsive photo gallery using very few lines of CSS.

May 2018

CSS Grid layout — crossed sections.
An introduction to CSS Grid and its potential with a practical example.

January 2018



Demystifying Accessibility

Why we need to stop avoiding accessibility and how to start integrating an empathy-driven process in software teams. In these sessions, we look at actionable low-cost tips, tricks, and best practices to make our digital products more inclusive, without jeopardizing roadmaps and budgets.



Build Components From Scratch

Hands-on building a React component end-to-end, from the UI design to automated testing.

Intro to CSS Grid

Build components and layouts leveraging some of the best features of CSS Grid.

  • Department of Informatics Engineering — University of Coimbra

    March 2018

Typography 101

Introduction to typography concepts and best practices, with a hands-on exercise on Adobe InDesign.