The Zain Talks


A trimestral meetup for designers. Each edition has two talks with a design-related topic. In each event, we wecolme around 50 attendees, and we have a community of 200+ designers on Meetup.


Organized by Cláudia Acabado, Sara Baião and I. Kindly supported by Deemaze, Bloco, and Redlight.


At Nest Collective, Coimbra.


SVG Animations


Presenting Mirror Conf 2017

Zé Maria Cunha

Design: A business booster or an aesthetic accessory?

The New Digital School

How TNDS is revolutionizing education in digital design.

Cláudia Acabado, Bloco

Building a product with a very reduced design team.

Estaminé Studio

André Santos on the process of making the game "Aldeia Adormece".

Renato Vaz, Redlight

The digital design unicorn: design systems. Organization, collaboration, maintenance.

Wandson Lisboa

Discusses his work process, from the creative phase until final result.

Little Black Spot Studio

Illustration: the challenges of our ever-changing reality and how to keep learning.


From the content out - a UI process from early art direction to dynamic interface.